Wednesday, February 26, 2020

10 Steps Toward Christian Maturity


Lesson 1: Who is Jesus Christ?

  • Introduce the Main Idea:
    The purpose of this lesson is to understand clearly who Jesus is to a Christian.
    We learn about who Jesus is from the History, the Bible, and personal experience.
  • Jesus in History:
    • Ask: Who knows what one universal fact that proves Jesus existence in history? (Answer: 2020 is counted from the year historian calculated of Jesus's birth)
      Jesus's birth is the AD and BC timeline in human history.
    • Ask: What other historical facts points to Jesus's existence?
  • Jesus in the Bible:
    • OT Prophecies: See web link lesson (Birth place, manner of death, resurrection) very specific.
    • NT:
      • Jesus's claim that He is God
      • Jesus performed miracles proving that He is God:
        • Power over nature: Turn water into wine, multiply food (out of nothing)
          Ask: Any more you can think of? (Walk on water & calm the storm)
        • Power over disease - recall the events
        • Power over the spirit - Cast out demons
        • Power to give life - raised the dead
      • Jesus resurrected bodily - He ate with the disciple after resurrection
  • Life Application - See web link lesson

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