Wednesday, February 26, 2020

10 Steps Toward Christian Maturity


Lesson 1: Who is Jesus Christ?

  • Introduce the Main Idea:
    The purpose of this lesson is to understand clearly who Jesus is to a Christian.
    We learn about who Jesus is from the History, the Bible, and personal experience.
  • Jesus in History:
    • Ask: Who knows what one universal fact that proves Jesus existence in history? (Answer: 2020 is counted from the year historian calculated of Jesus's birth)
      Jesus's birth is the AD and BC timeline in human history.
    • Ask: What other historical facts points to Jesus's existence?
  • Jesus in the Bible:
    • OT Prophecies: See web link lesson (Birth place, manner of death, resurrection) very specific.
    • NT:
      • Jesus's claim that He is God
      • Jesus performed miracles proving that He is God:
        • Power over nature: Turn water into wine, multiply food (out of nothing)
          Ask: Any more you can think of? (Walk on water & calm the storm)
        • Power over disease - recall the events
        • Power over the spirit - Cast out demons
        • Power to give life - raised the dead
      • Jesus resurrected bodily - He ate with the disciple after resurrection
  • Life Application - See web link lesson

Friday, February 21, 2020

John 04:43-54

Believe without Seeing - John 4:43-54
Discussion Questions:
  1. How far between the home of the official and where Jesus was?
  2. What was the official's presumption regarding to who Jesus is and what Jesus can do?
  3. Based on verse 50-52, what was the official's levels of concern/worrying before and after he met Jesus?
  4. Compare the official's faith between verse 50 and verse 53. How the official 'believed' in verse 50 is different from 'believed' again in verse 53?
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John 5:19-23

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